If The Crown Fits Wear It (pt. 2)

This is my second time photographing title holders and it never ceases to inspire me. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to capture these two. Their spunky personalities kept me on my toes and a smile on my face. To Victoria and Billie, enjoy your year of service and make our county proud like I know you… Continue reading If The Crown Fits Wear It (pt. 2)

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Lexi’s Promotion

Lexi is one of the most kind hearted girls I have met in a while and honestly her inner light is as bright as her future. I could tell right off the bat that I was going to enjoy photographing her as soon as I saw that beautiful, natural smile of hers. So thank you… Continue reading Lexi’s Promotion


Two Hazelnuts sitting in a tree, they fell in love and then came me!

This baby boy holds a special place in my heart. I had the honor of capturing his mother and father in their maturity session and being able to take his new born photos is a complete blessing. Here is Clayton Roy. Enjoy.


Distortion. Death. Fallout. Absolution. Bereavement.

Distortion. I’ve grown up my whole life hearing my mom say that she is dying. She’d have a cough and claim that she had pneumonia or a head ache would be a brain tumor. She was always sick just never as sick as she claimed to be. After a while, the urgency began to wear off… Continue reading Distortion. Death. Fallout. Absolution. Bereavement.

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3 Hazelnuts

I am completely ecstatic for this beautiful couple as they become parents! I had a blast during this shoot, as we battled bugs and the abnormal October heat. This is the second maternity shoot that I’ve done and the first with my own camera and an idea as to what I’m doing. To be honest,… Continue reading 3 Hazelnuts

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Paper Bag Project

I know how trapped or weighed down you can feel when someone expresses a negative opinion, thought, or perception of you. It can gnaw at your gut and if you let it, you may even start to believe those things they said about you to be true. I have been struggling with this a little… Continue reading Paper Bag Project


I can hear the bells.

So, one of my oldest friends a friend who has become family is getting married and I had the opportunity to take their engagement photos! My heart was so over joyed when I heard the news of their engagement. There is no one more deserving of a happily ever after than Kitty. I’m so utterly… Continue reading I can hear the bells.